Tourist Guides of Crete Boutique Travel: Introducing private themed tours on Crete

As travel continues to become more popular and affordable, vacationers are increasingly looking for trips that match their particular interests. Building a trip around a particular theme offers the opportunity for true connection with a region, historical event, author or other special interest.

There are many types of themed travel. Themed tours, special interest conventions and do-it-yourself themed travel.


Themed Tours

Themed tours may last for an afternoon, day, weekend or longer. They are built around a particular time period, historical event, author’s works and life, architectural style or any other interest that might attract a group of people. Most themed tours are led by experts who provide special insight into the events, places and people related to the theme. Our team of Experts on Crete, has designed themed tours that can be organized from small groups / families , party of friends or students with special interest, focusing in a period / Era / artist / philosopher / historical event…

We are all attracted to stories. We like seeing parts of ourselves reflected in the lives of people who lived centuries ago. Stories about Crete, the Minoans, the birthplace of Zeus, the Venetian Era, the WWII, all related to this island, the island of Crete, in the centre of Mediterranean. All those stories help us understand and feel connected with history’s great artists, philosophers and thinkers. Can we change the future? Yes, by understanding the past, learning from our mistakes in History.

What makes our themed tours so special? How do we do it? How do we create a themed tour that’s engaging, interesting, subversive and relevant?

  • We are not in a hurry… We take the time to explain with simple words, so that it will be understandable to everyone. With Tourist Guides of Crete, you will not have another boring experience… You set the pace…
  • Every package we build is customized to include the attractions you want to see based on the budget you set. We work with you to cut corners and find great deals.
  • Attention to every detail: Always service – minded, with Tourist Guides of Crete boutique travel you get our full attention…
  • Customer service is our number one priority.

Let the team of experts, the licensed professional guides / archaeologists ) of our team , help you design the ideal themed day tour ( or for a more complete experience – a tour program for a week).

Tours focusing in :

  • History
  • Culture
  • Archaeology
  • Culinary
  • Oenology
  • Village Life / Traditions
  • Mythology
  • Hiking
  • Geology
  • Architecture and Art
  • Iconography
  • Religion
  • Family tours / kids orientated experiences

and many more …..


We have: Passion for authentic experiences
In-depth industry knowledge and relationships

We offer: Firsthand destination experience
Attention to every detail.